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Updated: Feb 16, 2019

If you are here browsing through my photography portfolios, joining my book club, or chiming in on my blog posts - WELCOME! I am excited to have you be a part of it all! Whether you've known me for forever or if we have never met, I am Jennifer Burks, the one behind all the screens and camera documenting your precious moments on life's journey. Grab a coffee mug - because I am obsessed with them - fill it up, and lets connect!

In all honesty, there are only a select few who actually call me Jennifer, so feel free to call me Jen or Jennie. As much as I would love to portray my brand and creative work at some fancy, cute and cozy coffee shop, sipping on a coconut raspberry late (no froth, please) here is what blogging, editing, responding to e-mails, surfing Pinterest, etc. looks like....90% of the time. Messy hair being combed with my two and a half year old daughters foot, booty being used as her pillow, zoning out Motown Magic (Thank God the PJ Mask obsession has subsided) and a shattered phone screen ready to receive a phone call from my son stating that practice was over 10 minutes ago or my husband who's always on the road for work. These facts simply prepare you for the fact that I can promise you many typos, run on sentences, misplaced apostrophes, and some pretty entertaining content.

#Photography - If you are a photographer, thinking about becoming a photographer, or have no interest in either, follow along for some honest hard truths about getting started, hilariously embarrassing stories along the way, tips for success, empowering real life stories, and of corse some pretty inspirational love stories. #jenniferburksphotography

#Parenting - DISCLAIMER** I am not an expert! That is probably one of the best things about being a parent and raising normal (whatever that is) little humans... learning as you go and taking each day as it comes. I have many "parenting hours" under my belt of all walks of life - A #guardian, a #stepparent, and a #parent to my baby girl. Join along and share your stories and advice! Mine are pretty... out there!

#Entrepreneurship - Being a self made photographer and taking on the entrepreneurial journey has been one heck of an adventure. Not only am I an entrepreneur, but my handsome husband is also a self made entrepreneur... a WAY more risk taking one than myself. Being a wife to an entrepreneur has been no easy task and has some pretty high "highs" and some pretty low "lows." If you can handle some pretty raw content, want some marriage tips/advice from someone who's been through and came out on top of some pretty intense storms, or are thinking about taking the entrepreneurial journey, this ones for you!

#Bookclub - I am a sucker for a good book, and reading helps me escape, learn, imagine, and expand my mindset. I would love for you to join me! When it comes to reading, I am all over the map from World War II, to mystery, to romance, to motivational, to self improvement, you name it. I have always wanted to be in a bookclub but because...#life, especially with kids, time never allowed when it came to the actual day of the club. For all you in the same boat for whatever reason, come on board and let's start our own online book club! I will post my current read as well as my next in line so you have time to get it, read along, and share you comments!

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