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This man right here.

It's hard to believe I met him in my college dorm twelve years ago, married him five years ago, and had our first kid together three years ago. Funny story, when we first met he told his roommate that he was going to marry me someday, and I told mine that he would be a nice project. HA - insert the awkward emoji. After multiple liquid courage moments on my end, we started hanging out and getting to know each other. Add some break ups and some make ups, pro football and all the "fun" that comes in that bubble, multiple occasions with hundreds of miles in between, racist "paparazzi" from both angles, unexpected deaths, new careers, "instafaming" (check out my InstaFam post if you have not already,) entrepreneuring and WAH-LAH - You get us.

This photo is basically the irony of our journey. Him throwing me over his shoulder as I am hesitant, crying, pulling back, "what if-ing," glass half empty-ing - you name it. I was the play it safe - and boy was he not.

I had no idea what I was in for when I met Tyrre Burks. These last 12 years have been a hell of a journey - and I wouldn't change it - well some parts I would, ha, - but today I can honestly say, all the blood, sweat and tears have led us to now. Happy. Something so many people strive for yet lack.

When you go through experiences with someone - good and bad - you grow. You grow individually and you grow as a couple. #TRUTHBOMB: Growing in the same direction is ideal. Growing in opposite directions or lack of growth never has a good outcome. #takenote #speakingfromexperience

In our 12 years together with multiple handfuls of adversities, the hardest one has been adapting to being a wife to a big risk taker, #entrepreneur. Your future becomes unpredictable. Just when you think your life if going to change dramatically for the better, the deal falls through. You get used to going to sleep by yourself because they are either traveling or working late night hours. You show up to events without your spouse because they are in business meetings in another state or country. You constantly get asked when he's going to give up, or wake up, or get a "real" job. You explain to your kids why daddy is always getting on airplanes and deal with their questions in a way they can understand.

You also get to witness the strength and stamina endured by your spouse and it is SO inspiring. You get to witness firsthand, someone falling over and over again and getting back up to keep fighting for their dream and passion. You witness daily mental growth in your spouse and yourself. You learn how to use your words deeper and get to be creative with maintaining a connection. You learn to find a deeper independence and other capabilities you didn't even know you had. You also realize that being #happy and loving what you do, creates a life worth living - despite the thousands of obstacles. One thing I am certain - I would rather be in the entrepreneurial "rat race" and have a spouse who is truly happy and loving what he is doing, than be with someone who is unhappy, living to pay bills.

Throughout my blog posts I will share in depth stories of first hand personal experiences, interviewing wives and ex-wives of high powered successful entrepreneurs, and shedding light on some tips how to encourage, uplift, cheerlead, and understand an entrepreneur while staying sane and keeping a positive mindset - believe me, it's #HARD, it's #CRUCIAL, it's #EXHAUSTING, it's #EXHILARATING and it's #WORTHIT

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