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Same news - different reactions.

The time has come to share our news. It couldn't be at a more perfect time being Easter weekend, our official wedding anniversary weekend marking 5 years and Tyrre's birthday weekend. Burks party of 5 is in the making!

Now that we're over and done with trimester one which included serious cravings for pineapple, tacos, and hamburgers along with a constant slight nausea that never seemed to go away, littlest Burks is due November 4, 2019. When they say round two is different, for us, it couldn't be more true. When I was pregnant with Brooke, I was so hormonal that if a puppy came on t.v. you can count I was in tears and I am not even a dog person. I remember crying because Tyrre looked at me a certain way and he had zero ideas why I was crying and actually thought I was nuts. Ha! I also had to wash my hair with dish soap because it was so oily and I had zero nausea. Pizza five nights a week was also an understatement. None of that this time around.

Reactions were also a tad different - follow along. Haha!

#TyKing - woman of many traits and talents - one being running my social media, came over to the house for a work meeting. If you know Ty, she always comes baring gifts because she's ridiculous. She showed up with two gift bags for my kids containing their t-shirts and some candy that let them know they were getting promoted. I was just sitting back with my camera, catching their reactions - HAHA! What you see is exactly what it was! Brooke was excited about the candy in bag as she had no idea what her t-shirt said, and Marcus was super excited about getting a new shirt..... until he read what it said! Insert laughing hysterically emoji. He was definitely not ecstatic because, "little sisters are sooooo annoying! - this better be a boy.."

Since the initial shock of the news, we've made some progress. Brooke tells people she has a baby in her tummy and Marcus says he's "fine with it." Maybe once he finds out he can double his babysitting pay, he'll perk up a little more. #builtinbabysitter

Mom and dad, however, are pretty dang excited. We took this selfie right after I showed Tyrre the positive test back in February. As we begin our second trimester, I am going to soak up each phase - even the nausea if it ever decides to fade away - as this will be our last go around to making our family complete. Any guess on boy or girl!? We will be finding out around 20 weeks so stay tuned!

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