• Jennifer Burks

My Beginning.

True story - I had my baby girl #Brooklyn in Lake Forest, Illinois. A week after she was born, we moved back to Minnesota. #winonanative. The second I held her in my arms, it was game over. My career was instantly changed to #mommy. I knew there was no going back to a 9-5 of any sort. Raising my baby was my only concern. Income and life necessities/responsibilities were now on my hubby - no guilt. Because #startuplife, that mindset was short lived. A couple months into soaking up every second of motherhood, making money became a necessity. I will go much more in depth in my #Entrepreneur blog which will entail not only being an entrepreneur, but also being the #wife of an entrepreneur.

One day, I was looking for any excuse how to prolong my stay at home mom status. The thought of someone else watching my baby, missing milestones, cuddles, first words,etc made me sick. I knew, for me, I needed to find a way. (Side note - ZERO judgement on moms who don't have this same "anxiety." - you're just as amazing for a MILLION other reasons.)

I kid you not, it got to a point where I was going through our apartment at the time, looking for "stuff" to sell. I was desperate. I did not care. I probably would have sold my soul in the moment just to give you a reality of how real it was, and how strongly I felt about being with my baby. #separationanxiety is so REAL. Upon my desperation in looking for items to sell, sitting on a bookshelf was a camera my husband had bought for his startup company - probably a year prior. I called him immediately asking how much he thought we would get for it. As soon as I got off the phone, my mind rewired a brilliant thought. I knew I loved art. I have a hidden talent of being able to draw really well... maybe I can try out photography and make some money doing so! Where is Gods name do I begin, and how do I find paying customers? It's amazing what doors open when you stay calm in desperate times - use your head, not your emotions - I still haven't fully mastered this, but I've came a long way.

I remember it was close to valentines day, my cousin was pregnant with her second son. I called her up and told her we should surprise her husband with maternity photos - to take enough so she could send one photo each hour on Valentines Day. She agreed, and my journey began. These were the days where I also had ZERO idea what Photoshop and Lightroom were. I had no idea what a preset was. Aperture? Pixels? JPEG? Raw images? Might as well have been in another language. All I cared was that I had a client who was starting my portfolio and I was on a mission. Here, is my very first photoshoot. CLEARLY avoiding shadows wasn't on my radar and posing pregnant women like a senior portrait seemed like a good idea.. AND cannot avoid the obvious flower crown..HAHA! Oh, boy. "Insert the embarrassing face emoji." Despite all the thousand critiques I could name on my behalf (my cousin is obviously BEAUTIFUL and pregnancy simply amazes me) this was my beginning to building a career that I found passion in like I never EVER imagined - that by the grace of God, took off like I never expected. #blessed



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