• Jennifer Burks

Fun-ny Fact

I went to college at #WinonaStateUniversity. I was a senior in high school when my dad had his first heart attack, which was also the moment I decided I wanted to be a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation major. After completing my internship at Beaufort Memorial Hospital in South Carolina, I cried when I finished - they were not happy tears. I was bored. I wanted more. I had a boatload of college debt. Don't get me wrong, I have a passion for caring for others, but taking blood pressures and watching EKG's all day wasn't my idea of day to day excitement. I remember calling my now husband in tears (all the time) because I had completed all my college courses, was ready to graduate, and my internship put into perspective everything I didn't see myself being. The silver lining - I built an awesome career the following 6 years post graduation starting as a medical fitness specialist, onto a medical fitness trainer, onto a nutritionalist specialist, and finally a life coach. I also met some of the most incredible people and life long friends along the way.

One big thing I learned about this part of my journey was, settling for me was clearly not in my DNA. I was always going for the next advancement, and it always involved helping people in some way.

Moral of this story - try new things, and try some more - it's how you learn about yourself and your capabilities. Challenge yourself to not settle. Want more, and BE more. And most importantly, work your butt off to pave roads for opportunities. I truly believe this is what led me to my true passion - don't settle, and trust yourself.

Now the funny part - I actually took a photography corse as a gen-ed in college. The first day of class, the professor announced that he knew the majority of us were taking this corse to fill a general education credit, not because they wanted to actually learn about the art of photography - so he offered a deal. Leave now, don't worry about the rest of the semester and take a "B," OR come to class the whole semester and receive an "A." HA! I took that B so quickly and my butt was out the door! Who knew that was a teaser from God that I totally disregarded at that time in my life. I honestly believe in the cliche statement, "everything happens for a reason."

When you get a second, reflect back on your life and notice some of the little things that happened and helped you get where you are today. It's quite eye opening. If you're not happy in your current situation, that's on you. Life is meant to be enjoyed and everyone is here for a purpose. Always strive to be more. It truly helps you fall right into your passion.




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