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Brooke is Spilling the Tea on the Gender of her little..

Last Thursday we officially had our 20 week ultrasound. Because this pregnancy has been so different than my pregnancy with Brooklyn, I just assumed it was a little boy. The first trimester I was consistently nauseous, the cravings for tacos was SO REAL, I didn't have to wash my hair with Dawn Dish Soap like I did the first time around, and instead of crying at or being angry at EVERYTHING, this time around it takes a solid effort to get under my skin as I am so much more laid back and calm. I also remember carrying Brooke up in my rib cage and this time around, I am definitely carrying way lower. Secretly praying this means I won't have to push 3.5 hours this time around. Anyone with that dramatic of a difference in hormones and facts would CLEARLY think opposite gender... right?!

Before I reveal, I want to touch on the guilt I've had because I know so many can probably relate. If you've read my previous blog posts, I am a guardian and step mom to two wonderful boys. When it came time for me to give birth to my first, the overwhelming feeling of pure joy and happiness that I was having a little GIRL was indescribable. I previously talked about how bad my separation anxiety was as Brooklyn and I have this inseparable bond. I love that she feels so loved and protected by me, and that she really is my mini bestie. We share the same love language and carefree personality and the thought of her having to share my snuggles and kisses and attention with another, actually broke my heart. Since becoming pregnant again, we've really been working with the "big helper" role to prep her once her new partner in crime arrives.

So - back to the ultra sound. Tyrre and Marcus both expressed their want for a boy. I was indifferent. We did not do genetic testing with any of our pregnancies so I was more focused on finding out that everything looked okay and healthy, and in my head, I just KNEW it was a boy - Feelings, dreams, intuitions, you name it, I had it. Of corse, the ultrasound tech does all the measurements of the head, stomach, limbs etc. and saves the gender for the last part. There was no confusion or questions as little man opened his legs and presented a nice clear display for us all! Momma was right, Daddy was pumped, Marcus got his wish and Brooke is back to telling everyone she has a baby in her tummy - a baby brother. Lol.

Most importantly, everything looked perfect and there were no clear signs of any genetic disorder and little man is measuring one day ahead. To add to the happiness and excitement, the guilt I had of having to share myself with Brooke and another child completely decreased and I felt this huge sense of relieve. I also cannot deny that I am excited to see what Tyrre and I make as a boy. I feel totally complete and overjoyed with my beautiful blended family. #happymomma #blessed

GIVEAWAY*** Three months prior to getting pregnant, I switched from taking my regular multivitamin to a prenatal. The brand I've been using the past year and a half is called #Ritual. Everything about the company is AMAZING. - Clean, natural, whole and transparent, ran by women who are skeptics of the big pharma industry like myself. Once I switched to the prenatal version, a couple of times they have sent me the regular vitamin and want me to share it with whoever is interested in trying their products! You can click the link below the picture to take you directly to their website. I have two bottles to give away! All you have to do is comment on this blog post, become a subscriber OR have a friend become a subscriber. Your name will go into a drawing and I will announce the winners next week!

Thank you for all your best wishes, prayers, positive thoughts and comments! We are so so excited to become Burks, party of five! Xoxo.



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